How to use

The Vulkanus Knife Sharpener - professional by design

The unique engineered, precision ground tungsten carbide sharpening blades give a superior cutting edge. You simply change the angle of drawing the blade through the sharpener to hone and polish your knife in a few simple motions. 

The spring action bars - on which the sharpening blades are mounted -automatically adjust to the angle of the blade. This flexibility means that the sharpener adapts to individual knives, even ones with serrated edges. The Vulkanus knife sharpener works beautifully on all types of blades including Japanese single bevel knives.

Operating instructions

The sharpener should be facing you so you can see the logo on the front right. Place the knife blade between the sharpening rods and hold your Vulkanus knife sharpener with your other hand. Pull the blade through the sharpening rods from the handle to the point. 

Knives with smooth blades

For sharpening - tilt the point of the blade downward while pulling through. Apply light downward pressure to the blade - DO NOT twist or turn the blade. 

For honing - (fine sharpening), tilt the point of the blade upward while pulling through. Then simply pull through with a straight and even motion.

Knives with serrated blades

Pull the blade horizontally through the sharpening rods while applying lateral pressure in the direction of the serrated edge. DO NOT tilt the blade. 


Please be aware that knives become very sharp almost immediately. Extreme care must be exercised ensuring you keep your hands and fingers out of the path of the blade. 


The Vulkanus knife sharpeners are durable and should be expected to last with normal household use between 4-5 years. Replacement sharpening bars are available for both the Professional and Classic sharpeners.