Vulkanus Professional knife sharpener in solid stainless steel.

Vulkanus Professional Knife Sharpener

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This solid stainless steel Vulkanus Professional knife sharpener is not only a stylish addition to your kitchen it will sharpen your knives easily and quickly. Perfect for chefs and cooks who need to keep their knives in tip top condition. 

The patented spring-action bars with precision-ground ultra-hard tungsten carbide sharpening surfaces effortlessly sharpens all types of knives. You will safely be able to coarse sharpen very dull or nicked knives.  For daily maintenance honing your knife will realign your blade without removing any metal. Finally polishing your knife will create a smooth and sharp edge. 

With normal use your sharpener should last up to 5 years, replacement sharpening bars are also available. 

Invented in Austria by master knife maker Harald Stalleger.

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